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Zirconium Nitrates

The salt Zr(NO3)4.5H2O, first described by Paykull, was obtained by Rosenheim and Frank in hygroscopic prisms by evaporating a nitric acid solution of zirconium hydroxide over phosphoric oxide and sodium hydroxide. Mandl obtained a basic nitrate soluble in water; and Muller, in a study of colloidal zirconium hydroxide, formed the opinion that zirconium nitrate and other zirconium salts are not of constant composition, because a solution containing the nitrate loses nitric acid on evaporation, and the product, which dissolves in water, yields a slightly opalescent solution containing colloidal zirconia. The question here arises whether, in analogy with the sulphate, zirconium nitrate, Zr(NO3)4.5H2O, should be written as zirconyl-nitric acid, ZrO(NO3)4H2.4H2O, but the question cannot be certainly answered. On evaporating a solution of the nitrate at 75° C. the basic nitrate ZrO(NO3)2.2H2O separates as a white powder, and on mixing the alcoholic solution of this salt with ether the more basic nitrate Zr2O3(NO3)2.5H2O is formed.

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