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Zirconium Bromide, ZrBr4

Zirconium Bromide, ZrBr4, resembles the chloride in its manner of formation and properties. It is formed by passing bromine vapour with carbon dioxide gas over a heated mixture of zirconia and carbon, or over red-hot zirconium or its carbide. It is a white, crystalline powder which dissolves in water, forming the oxybromide ZrOBr2; it forms with ammonia gas at 16° C. the compound ZrBr4.10NH3 (Stahler and Denk), and absorbs ammonia in ethereal solution, forming ZrBr4.4NH3. The bromide also combines with ethylamine, aniline, and pyridine, and forms the pyridinium salt (C5H5NH)2ZrBr6.

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